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First off, I LOVE PLANTS. I get unnecessarily ecstatic about each new plant I bring into my home. BUT! Often for me, my new plants life is short because my lack of knowledge about the plants needs, and I find most plant shops to be intimidating and just overall overwhelming when I go in unsure of what would be my best fit. Also not having a car out here in Seattle makes hauling a new plant child on the bus not only inconvenient as heck but awkward and honestly really hard, (believe me, I've tried).

Let me introduce you to Bloomscape. A plant delivery service based in my home state of Michigan, and a city that I hold very dear to me, Detroit. Bloomscape is here to help strengthen your relationship with plants. They make buying plants easy by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door, and then set you up for success by giving you all the tips and tricks you need to help your plants thrive.

OK HONESTLY. When I saw this box sitting outside my door I could hardly contain myself.

The plant arrives fully-grown as pictured and pre-potted, which makes everything so easy and convenient.

My new beautiful Sansevieria in all its glory!!

Each plant comes with a care card on light and water requirements, humidity preference, optimum temperature, plant food, the toxicity to animals and additional care. and if you still have questions, they encourage sending photos of the problem or question about your plant on twitter, email, or they even have a online chat!

Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful new plant bb without having to leave the comfort of your home! and maybe even take some shameless selfies with it? Sure!

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